What is Plio?

Plio is an open-source tool with the mission of unlocking the true potential of videos.

Today, videos have been the dominant method of communication and information dissemination, everywhere from teaching, corporate training, onboarding and interviewing to surveys, awareness campaigns and mass communication with various stakeholders.

Yet, engagement on videos remains low as the interaction is one-way and creators have no data on videos beyond basic aggregate statistics. People have been trying various hacks by combining YouTube videos with other platforms like Google forms, Google slides, WhatsApp and bit.ly to improve engagement and collect data.

Enter: Plio

5 times increase in engagement

Plio was originally developed within Avanti Fellows, a 10-year old non-profit based in India with the mission of empowering students from low-income backgrounds to have fulfilling careers in STEM. During the COVID-19 lockdown, all schools were shut and videos became the only feasible mode of teaching the students online. However, engagement was quite low.

Plios were introduced as an experiment by overlaying questions on their videos.

Students loved learning through plios because for the first time they could actually interact with the content - just like they would in school. Over many months, we consistently saw a 5 times increase in engagement compared to simply learning through YouTube.

We are completely open-source

Check out our Github and start contributing.