We'll be using Django Channels and Django Signals to listen to changes in a model reactively and then send some data to a client using WebSockets.
What Avanti Fellows learned during their online-learning intervention last academic year with students from public schools of Haryana and the path…
We got a chance to travel to Tehri (Uttarakhand, India) where multiple organisations working at the intersection of technology and social impact had…
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Insights regarding the learning behaviour of students obtained by analysing data generated from the Plio platform.
We'll explore how a seemingly simple problem like authentication becomes a major barrier as we try to bring digital learning tools to students in rural…
Hey everyone, My name is Priyansha Jha and here goes my attempt at expressing the overwhelmed emotions that I’ve experienced in the last four weeks…
Plio empowers creators to make their videos interactive and gather rich analytics on user engagement
Since the start of this year, we've been spending a minor fraction of our time improving our technical knowledge along with our routine of adding new…
Weekly Release for May - v0.1.3
Monthly release for May: v0.2
Monthly release for September: v0.3.2
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Monthly Release for June: v0.3
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